The New Normal RPG

  • The Curse Of Northrun: The Overrun Of Northrun

    After many trials the brave adventurers, led by the unstable Tinsel, make their way into Floggin Keep. There they must find the source of Santa's power and eliminate him, saving the world from the horror he hopes to impart on children everywhere.

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  • The Curse Of Northrun: The Caves Of Hollyfaulk

    The group of brave and unstable misfits continue to make their way through the dark depths of Northrun, finding themselves in the caves of Hollyfaulk as they seek a way into the fortress surrounding Santa's workshop.

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  • The Curse Of Northrun: Battle For Jinglenuts

    Strange things are happening in Northrun, and Frosty's gang is lending a hand. Can our adventurers save the Gnelves of Jinglerun from an icy death?

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