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  • Sailors’ First Fight: Seas of Rakka Ep. 02

    As the new crew of the Firebrand set sail, they're met with their first challenges: finding a place amongst the existing crew and fighting their first sea monster.

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  • Shipwrecked – Seas of Rakka Ep. 01

    We meet our adventurers as children aboard a ship on the Seas of Rakka. What was supposed to be the launch of their lives as pirates quickly fades into a horror equal to that of Davy Jones' locker. Will they rise? How will their journey truly begin?

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  • Hoisting The Anchor

    If you hadn't heard yet, we're launching an actual-play podcast under our banner called The New Normal RPG. On this episode, we chat about what people can expect from the first full campaign, the Seas of Rakka.

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